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You are already customer and you want to reorder Folies products, You heard about Folies and you want to discover our new e-catalog or visit our new factory. Folies for professionals has been created for you.



Folies for Retail

Enjoy Folies products and have a nice break in one of our 5 Branches situated in the heart of Bangkok



Folies News

Folies never stop cooking up new recipes, follow or evolution and get a real taste of things that happen



Who we are


For over 20 years Folies has built a reputation in Asia as the supplier of premium breads, cakes and pastries in the French tradition. 

Why Choose Us

  1. Market knowlegde & product experience
  2. Traditional recipes & constant quality
  3. Coporate commitment in certified standart (ISO 9001, GMP, HACCP)
  4. Large range of Pastry & Bread, and we can create your signature product

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